Issue Two, June 3, 2013



“Poem for Horses & Bayonets”
“An Ounce of Prevention”
“Vexillology”– Michael Robins

Free Mumia Cheesesteaks” –  Leonard Kress

“were tempestuously agitated, and nodded thrice, as if bowed by some invisible wearer”  – Emily Bludworth de Barrios

“The Broken Testimony” – Daniel Borzutzky

“Curtain Design for Victory over Sun”
“Short Talk About Freud”
“Star Nemesis” – David Lau

“Proximity is the Greatest Motivator of Fear” – Joshua Gottlieb-Miller

“Missed Connections”
“Bonjour Tristesse” – Christopher Kempf

“Most Wanted”
“Mythos” – Phillip B. Williams

“Cheval de Frise and Gone-Sweetness at the All-Inclusive” – Elizabyth A. Hiscox

“A Briefe and True Report of  Tiananmen Square ” – Kara Candito

from “the Depression” – Mathias Svalina


“A Warm and Blue Day in Our Nation of Nations” – Charles McLeod

Work by Featured Artist Rine Boyer

Campaign Managers
Client Service Engineer

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