Lovelorn 2013

Oil on canvas, 46 x 44″, 2013


Heather Morgan was born in Staten Island in 1973, another dubious product of the 70’s.  She completed her B.F.A. in painting at Boston University in 1996, making up the “Expressionist Wing” of the school for the arts.  She received her M.F.A. in painting/printmaking at Yale University in 1999.  Upon finishing her studies, Morgan spent five years working in East Berlin, learning German, exhibiting and publishing work with Karoline Mueller at Ladengalerie, one of Berlin’s oldest galleries, and a proponent of representational artists of the former GDR.  Her work has been included in several publications, among them the Berliner Zeitung, Torso (published by the Berlin Women’s Art Association) and BOMB Magazine.  Most recently, Morgan has published an art monograph with Brooklyn Arts Press. Morgan is currently represented by Burkhard Eikelmann Galerie, Duesseldorf.  She lives in Brooklyn, exhibiting in New York City and Germany, creating a theatrical display of painting.

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