Solzhenitsyn on the Beach

The ball bounces to rest at my feet.
All around me, beautiful bodies utterly blank.

My heart races with each head ducked
beneath the waves.  My hand is a glass

that never empties.  Sails litter the ocean
with bird wings.  Water takes centuries to caress

rock to the sand that supports our weight.
I watch the surf until the sun goes down.

None of that storied violence is visible.


Andrew Kozma’s poems have appeared in BlackbirdQualmSubtropics, and The Kenyon Review Online.  His first book of poems, City of Regret (2007), won the Zone 3 First Book Award, and he has been the recipient of a Jentel Residency, a Houston Arts Alliance Fellowship, a Walter E. Dakin Fellowship, and a D. H. Lawrence Fellowship.

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