Call-for-Submissions, Issue 12

Matter is now accepting poetry, prose, and visual art submissions for Issue 12, guest-curated by Todd Fredson (author of The Crucifix-Blocks), on the poetics of intervention. This issue seeks to explore what possibilities exist for poetry (in its most expansive sense) to challenge the neoliberal, Imperial project that “West” has come to signify. Is this project most adequately contested by those not yet swallowed in it, by “fringe” literature, as Ivorian poet Tanella Boni identifies such production that is marginalized in the marketplace? Do interventions such as genre defiance (think avant-gardists) or the inclusion of more voices (think translation) provide resistance, or are these simply gestures that ultimately demonstrate the appropriating efficiency of the global “free market” structure? “We can entertain ourselves with writing,” says Juan Felipe Herrera, “and it’s very powerful, but something else is going on and I don’t know if we know how to deal with it in our writing. Or if it can be dealt with in our writing.” Is there a poetics that can confront the conditions or consequences of neoliberal expansion, or do even local expressions of precarity become complicit in the commodifying instinct?  Submissions of poetry, prose, and visual art accepted welcomed until February 11, 2015.

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