Precipitous Manfriend

Precipitous manfriend
do give the tide
some sort of break
Precipice of a man
now just three wee hours
three hours
and we’re with you
and the endeavors in the breakers
glossing beaters of the beats
and the dance floor is on us
and we’re reeling to begin
Let it go
Gong the show
Girdle the guildedness
Gracing the sharks

Manskin of baskets and toads
The query of your heart
Is not right
Or, is in the not-right place
judging from our spurious land pride
space in the asgard of symmetry…
you bowl your own unbumpered lane
right into our coffee table
why’d you do that?

Man of motionless cowlicks
There’s a crowd in your plexus
And this irritates your heart
Your little doggy too…

Though, wait
We love you in scrabbletown
Where the lawnmower snores
Crabs crunch on the shores
Flakes of paint, well, they flake and are to be avoided
Oh this carnival of youth and timidity –
Belongs not to the boardwalks but to culvert life
We belong to you, too, and hold gently to tiny fires
Mushy trailways and romanticized squiggly things
They’re ok, too,
Just doing their best to be forgotten


Rachel Daley is the author of a poetry collection, Plasmos. Her poems have most lately appeared in the Harvard Review Online and here! She currently lives and works in New Hampshire.