I was reading Derrida Last night
I was reading Derrida Last night
when with great delight
I took a call on the phone.

My number isn’t reachin’
I said to the computer
and I wasn’t thinking of teaching
how to have you call home
no I wasn’t, no

you have to undress when you think it is best
but the artificial tarp
can’t do walking – can’t do walk-ins either
if you want it to get your food stamps for you
I really suspect

It is I who is really suspect:
orange baggy sweater that is just a replacement
for the other orange sweater which
I really liked.

now if you’re talking to me
I don’t even know
coding is up there / in the skies
in the heavens
I add to it with my you-know-whys



and so this is how it goes

the sub-cultures regain. basically become an engine again

as they had been. driving the culture instead of as they have been for the past 15 years

we don’t view – not the thing itself) as they had been again

but the sub-cultures start becoming that bottom up force that is no longer a market
and o

you may call it wishful thinking or luck or a pendulum but I don’t think that matters

yep, their singularity as an energy source the major culture tries to hold onto, maybe tap but even that is not the correct word, or rilly, more to say, tapping itself will not function, not how I have named it. holding on will work to a certain extent.


the sea-spray in early spring can feel warm in com



to the extent that you are the nest layer

with the full extent of vision this



In a Vermont ESD District Office

it is often a storage space

that By the great gods of creation

lets honest people lie
and this hear

we thank the sun
[and this here (by which we mean THIS sheet of peaper
(communicated with said gods you dig) backout)
all the way of out
said space which napkins
the whole thing white
) “the largest [of
a counting system unbeknownst ] pressing
against the thin walls of Stealth and Lightbulbs
did you what



redo the space

for poverty
redo it because
you don’t look good

like a lightbulb
& ultimately

a decor item, don’t think this bullshit
isn’t zany
or terribly graceful

cause rocket scientist
rocket scientist
rocket scientist the extras away

they were massive
rectal jams
queried by

and our heartache replaces
now that we are twenty one


get rid of

when I say WE are lucky I mean white people
just value whatever it is
as a smoking gun because
your artificedoesn’t have to enjoy
the factthe
it is without regret[sea animals] interject, tell the truth
buttercups have more of a chance,
visionless as they are.there – instant


the use of

when whoever does what they are doing
is nothing but a holder for the indictment, dig

radical islam ce mal
no need to hide that from he
we or any other shows
like bogus the disruptor man
or transpire beest
or walking talking
[not hysterectomy but . . .] sets therein
to be not continued

yeah, cause I
don’t ask who is talking over me
as script, a script
natur-la pause – nothing we can escape: the banality of it

“O, O, but we can because
the instant each preferable you beg coffee now you know
like a radar” or something, the readable
ganging up, a harrowing torture, these two

the possibilities are endless, banality,
there, that is enough for disruptor man to feed on
curried squash is his metier, right. vindictive
popping in for


Josh May currently lives in the State of New Hampshire and works in the State of Vermont.  He is the author of Faust Part Four, from which Reification is pulled.



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