Terra Firma

no nocturnal grammar

no greens no grays


no black flag

no white light


no accelerated vista

no sudden inscape


no aphoristic flower

no plagiarized grief


no paper planet

in poet’s notebook


no symphonic sunrise

no tremor in the afterglow







no strophic slaughter to the lamb

no grass-fed rhyme-scheme


no political shelter

no people of tomorrow


no trespass

if no property


no gatekeeper

if no boundaries


no lovemaking

no leave-taking


no center

no circumference







no democratic plantation

in distant counterpoint


no counterfeit style

no dialectic grace


no pot

no piss


no chicken

no omelette


no song

no one to listen as it plays




Adam Fagin’s poems have appeared in Boston Review, Fence, VOLT, and a number of other places. He has a chapbook out from Little Red Leaves called T’s Alphabet. Another chapbook, THE SKY IS A HOWLING WILDERNESS BUT IT CAN’T HOWL WITH HEAVEN, will be out soon from Called Back Books.

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