How you mature thru

the weather you were born to


Planetary alignment and what place

you couldn’t help but take

your directed first breath from –

a drone in what hangs there:



Whether or not you’d come

to hate or love some aspects

of it

is interesting

only inasmuch as anything

that makes/marks

people from places

can be interesting.



Signoria, Marseilles, the formal

seating & cannot break

glass safety of others                what’s employees?

Some might ask

Not knowing

The way you know

you’ll never

have to own

a business



Add this to the childlike impetus

to wipe away

the colored lights of a city with your hand

as it sinks below



Tony Mancus is the author of a handful of chapbooks, including City Country (Seattle Review), Bye Sea (Tree Light Books), Subject Position (Magnificent Field), and Apologies (Reality Beach). He lives with his wife Shannon and three yappy cats in Colorado and serves as chapbook editor for Barrelhouse.