Tricia Middleton: Installation excerpts, 2012-2019


Tricia 1

 – – – – – – – – – –, 2019, exhibited as part of the Lofoten International Art Festival, at the North Norwegian Art Centre, Svolvaer, Norway

Tricia 3

Trous, 2018, exhibited as part of Triangles, at Néon, Lyon, France

Tricia a

Troubles with Boundaries, 2017, exhibited as part of a residency at DOC!, Paris, France

Tricia 4

Working Conditions/1983, 2013-14, exhibited as part of residency at ISCP, Brooklyn, USA

Tricia 2

Embracing ruin and oblivion is the only way to live now, 2012-2014, exhibited as part of Misled By Nature, organized by the National Gallery of Canada for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada

Tricia 5

Form Is the Destroyer of Force, Without Severity There Can Be No Mercy, 2012, exhibited at Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Canada


Tricia Middleton’s sculptures and architectural installations propose hypothetical consequences of a culture built around the unfettered production and consumption of delusion and denial both as material form and thought patterns that repeat as language. Fascinated by the inevitability of decay and entropy across form, Middleton zealously hoards and then repurposes the cast-offs from her studio production, amassing and grafting them on to one another to create objects and environments that mimic so-called natural processes of accretion and decomposition. Her work traces the migration of style and meaning over time, and in so doing, strives to elucidate and potentially overcome our heedless, if not apathetic, relationship to material culture.