Issue Fourteen, November 2015

Saito 3

Introduction, Todd Fredson, Til Death Do Us Part: Approaching Josué Guébo’s My country, tonight


Josué Guébo, excerpt from “My country, tonight”


Marci Vogel, “Poet for Hire:  Christine de Pizan & the Economy of Writing as a Woman”


Marci Vogel, “Venditions”


E.K. Allaire, “Upper East Side, 2017”

Visual Art:

Saito Group, “Studies for Street Slogans”


Sherwin Bitsui, “Patriarchy”

Rimas Uzgiris, “White News”

Peter Leight, “The City of Consciousness”

Amanda Fuller, “Call Kindness an Anti-Currency”

Bojan Louis, “If Nothing, the Land”

Nicole Greaves, “Lessons”  “Fifteen”

Nathan Hoks, “Resurrection Nest,” “Barbed Wire Nest”

Russel Swensen, “Victims of the Sun,”  “Disconnection Notice”

Eunsong Kim, “Ars Poetica,” “Fur Coats,” “Internet Daul Dreams”

Sara Sams, “Coming to Terms with Your Nuclear Heritage:  Deploying”