Issue 19, January 2017





Nadeem Zaman

A More Active, Disruptive Protest


Michael Lauchlan


Simon Perchik

five poems

Dan Kaplan

A Basket of Something Warm Under a Napkin, Whatever It Is Julia Child

Davy Knittle

first warm day, (don’t hold me to it)

Steven Schroeder

Phrases for Tourists, Intercourse

Ciona Rouse

The Sheep

Gabriel Jesiolowski

entry for compassionate waste, entry for split wits

Annah Browning

Spell for a Daughter, Collector of Luck

Douglas Nordfors

The Reagan Era

Heather Newman


Leila Emery

America, What Have You Wrought?

Shelly Reed

Gun and Bone

Visual Art:

Allen Forrest

Francis Bacon Revisited:  Portrait of Lucien Freud

Francis Bacon Revisited:  Study for Portrait Isabel Rawsthorne

Francis Bacon Revisited:  Study of George Dyer

Modern Masters Revisited:  Marc Chagall 5

Modern Masters Revisited:  Matisse La Danse

Modern Masters Revisited:  Picasso Woman with Crow