Issue Ten, January 2015






Call-for-Submissions for Matter 12, on the poetics of intervention, guest-curated by Todd Fredson


Big A, Little a: interviewing Daniel Borzutzky, with Joel Craig, by Matthew Reed Corey


Kevin McLellan’s “To make order meaningful by subtracting from the ruins”

Cody Walker, “Aurora Blackout,” “2011-2013:  A Romnibus”

Benjamin’s Schmitt’s “Political Ad”

Michael Zucaro, “derivative tremens”

Kristina Marie Darling, “from Failure Lyric”

Lisa Ampleman, “Laura”

Corey Van Landingham, “Fordandia,” “Landscape without Apology”


Todd Fredson, “To the Touch: Emmanuel Levinas’s ‘Dark Light’ in the Poetry of Paul Celan”


A D Jameson, “The Least I Can Do” 

Visual Art:

Bernadette Witzak, Opal,  Castle Devour, Blotch, Rose Blotch, Pin the Jelly, Sue Polka,  We Can’t Hide,  All the Unacceptable Things


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