Our Values

Don’t try to be a cook. You’re bad at it and you don’t understand food. Stop wearing those practical shoes. It makes you look like a British free thinker. Are you even aware that your licentiousness is as petty as your moralism? I can see it in the way you wean and clean your children. Reading the morning paper will make you as stupid as a man. It is better to be as stupid as a cat. When you’re stupid like a cat men fear and pity you. We want to be torn up in your claws and for you to lie seductively across our books that you do not know how to read. Do not write books. Your writing is almost as bad as your cooking. You were more powerful when you were not protected by the law. The law only serves to weaken your satanic influence, your blood smeared pillow talk, your crone fingers dug deep into the tissue of our hearts. Do not try to be equals. Only stupid people are equal to each other, everyone else knows that there are differential forces and your force is most profound when you are lying. I need to feel like something in you is hidden from me so my desire can slip along after it. Desire is a fish, if it stops moving it sinks like a stone. Do not expose us to these medical examinations of your needs and natures. We do not want to know you and if you insist on knowing us keep it to yourselves. Whisper about us to each other over date candies and rose water as you lounge in multi layered sheer gowns in your latticed chambers, just don’t gossip about us in the kitchen. We don’t care if you hate us as long us you fear us and you wear something pretty in the evening. We are all beasts and so are you. Your power is to terrify, seduce, and sadden us. Your task is to discretely push out the raw materials that will become our future philosophers.



Cynthia Mitchell