Issue 24, November 2018



Brian Sneeden
“Year Of The Labyrinth”
“Fear of Prose”

Karyna McGlynn
“The Saxophone Gives Us A Lesson In Sincerity”
“If You Keep Hitting Those High Notes”
“Application To Model For Helmut Newton”

Matthew Lippman
“They Dug Up Their Joy And Buried It Again”
“Hours And Hours Of Grass”

Kristin George Bagdanov
“Lines Written After Crisis”

Danielle Susi
“Salmon Poem”

Alyse Knorr
“The Beautiful”

Brandon Krieg
“Planh For This Cycle”

Cam Scott
“Negative Aerobics”

Jeff Hipsher
“American Paleocontact”
“What We Consider To Be Data”

Emily Banks
“Dream Where I Am In A Bathtub With Ivanka Trump”

George Franklin
“A Conversation About Dictators”

Visual Art

Cynthia Mitchell

“Until Always”
“She Leaves”