Issue 21, September 2017












Yang Qingxiang
“Insomnia’s Spring”
“Just Slightly”

Ajise Vincent

Kathryn Smith
“Photos of Pig That Appears to Have Blue Fat Beneath Skin Shared on Social Media”

Arturo Desimone
“Santito Juancho for Peace”

Karlo Sevilla
“The Cult of Apathy”

Gary Duehr
“Breaking News”

Alexis Quinlan
“Some Curses”

H.V. Cramond

Mohja Kahf
“We Die Here”

Tamer Said Mostafa
“Where Will I Find America”
“Reciting Surah al Fajr at San Francisco International Airport”

Jude Marr
“We Know Each Other By Our Wounds”

Visual Art

Jeffrey Skinner

“Fish Meet”

“Florida 1”

“Florida 2”

“Florida 3”