Issue 28, December 2020

Donations for Generation Alpha, 2020


Kate Partridge 
“Desert Meeting”
“Landscape Beginning with a Line from Marianne Moore”

Tom Squitieri
“Create Me My Word”

Cindy Savett 
“They Are Two”

Annie Goold
“Day 44”

Arlene Dunn
“Veni Vici Didici”

Ben Gantcher
“Carnegie Hill”
“Crowds and Power”
“I haven’t tasted the cherries”

Brianna Noll 
“Devotional and Aside”
“Some Kind of Disaster”
“This Compulsion to Make, and Keep, Everything Alive”

Steven D. Schroeder
“Citation Needed”

Hadley Franklin

George Franklin
“Miami Beach Prepares for Climate Change”
“Vallejo in Paris”

Nicole Greaves
“Over the Waves”
“Spiritus Mundi”


Amy Small-McKinney
Review of Sarah Vap’s Winter

Todd Fredson
“Muting Minority Poetics in the Eighties: The Self-Silencing Model of the White Male Lyric”

Ben Gantcher
“After the Wall-Paper Dawn:  a reading of two poems by Zbigniew Herbert”


Lisa Verschoor
Five Images