Issue 31, July 2022


Robin Boger, Artist Statement

Abuela, Vinales

Okavango, Delta

Witness, Atlas Mountains

Underpass, Tokyo

North Station, Tokyo


Aline Soules, Extended Ekphrasis: A Review of Tension : Rupture, poems by Cutter Streeby, paintings by Michael Haight


Tiffany Troy, “Dancing on the Grave of the Fucked World”: An Interview with Sam Taylor about his newest collection, The Book of Fools


Francesco Levato, from “SCARLET” 

Undead Ogre, Hand Painted

Resin Skull with Chicago Skyline

Carved Wooden Doll Head

Test Card, Extraction Reagent, Nasal Swab

Little Free Library, Sunrise Dr.

Artist Statement about “SCARLET”

Janelle Solviletti, “Apricot Season” 

Kathleen Rooney, “Arms” and “And

Andrew Zawicki, from “These Late Eclipses” 

Beth McDermott, “Ride” and “Like the Biologists,

Alicia Byrne Keane, “Affirmations for a Surge

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, “Days of Protest

Sean Singer, “An Imperfect Glass” and “Voyagers

Abigail Ardelle Zammit, “Justice Village, Guatamala

Jordan Stempleman, “Histories” and “They Call it a Bargain” 

Carolyn Oliver, “Field Notes:  Worcester County, December” 

Peter Krumbach, “Prisons,” “American Armadillo,” and “On Puzzlement

Khashayar Mohammadi, “Serenading the Absolute for a good night’s sleep

Daniel Nester, “Future Days” and “Minutes Overheard from The Vagueness Society Holiday Party” 

Matthew Lippman, “The Most Beautiful Moment of Get Back is Billy Preston,” “What the Bookies Do in Vegas,” and “You Got To

Benjamin Paloff, “Fortune Often Met Within the Train of Reason (Amateur Astronomy 5),” “Of Solitude,” and “Of Sleep” 

Cristina Legarda,  “Pacification 1901,” “Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904,” and “Bud Dajo 1906

Sarah Giragosian, “Breaking Through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone” and “Pain Bias

Carolyne Van Der Meer, “Imagining Keats” and “The Finish Line

Margaret Bentley, “Memorial” and “Scalene Justice

Elizabeth Tannen, “The sun has just come up, 34 weeks

Dawn Bratton, “Syllogism (or the Logic of Illusion)

Evelyn Schiele, “Shampoo Bowl

Henry Hughes, “Deviled Eggs

Jerrod Bohn, “Matter’s Edge

Carol Alexander, “Taken” 

Heather Treseler, “Hitchcock in Bel Air

Eileen G’Sell, “Zoom Café” and “Herzog in Tribeca

Lisa Richter, “If You’re Anything Like Me,” and “Culpable

George Franklin, “For a Friend Who Looks Out Hospital Windows

Ximena Gómez, “The Hills of Cali are Burning” (co-translated with George Franklin)