Issue 29, May 2021


Geoff Bouvier:  “What Echo Writes: Feminist Écriture and the Otic Omnitextual”


Donia G. Mounsef:  “Borders are Like Poems” 

Martha Zweig:  “Electrical Hazard”

Derek Annis:  “The Prophets

John Wilkinson:  “The While”

David Dodd Lee:  “Hemp” 

Annie Kantar:  “Semantics: A Fugue,” and “What it Means to Be Lucky

Stella Hayes:  “At the Beauty Shop with My Mother” and “Three Rooms”

Lisa Ampleman:  “A Smack of Jellyfish” and “Domestic Concerns”

Philip Fried:   “Glimpses of the Leader” and “Conspiracy in the Field”

Shira Dentz:  “Be Vague Tomorrow—” and “Readymade”

Michael Goodfellow:  “Night Host”

Lisa Verschoor:  “Spur”

Jennifer Harris:  “Four Poems”

Cassandra Cleghorn:  “Black Walnut”

Bethany Yates: “Impact Has Arrived”

Bradley J. Fest:  “2016.29″ and “2016.30”

Mary Gilliland:  “Midlothian” and “A— uses more ordnance . . . “

Andrew Lee Butler:   “The Last Meal of Thomas J. Grasso” and  “Handlebar von Scruples” 

Jon Thompson:  “On the Problem of Likeness and Difference” and “A Short History of the Garden” 

Visual Art:     

Robin Hextrum, 6 paintings