Issue Fifteen, February 2016


Samantha Pious, “A New Language”


Kate Greenstreet and Janet Holmes, “Landline”


Adam Clay, “On the Mind as a Frame,” “The Unending Pleasure of an Empty Chair”

Christopher Cokinos, “The Anachron”

Jen DeGregorio, “Road Trip”

Cathy Guo, “Invocation”

Clara B. Jones, “Maghreb”

Adam Fagin, “Terra Firma”

Emily Greenberg, “Shooter”

Peter Leight, “Vertigo”

Visual Art:

Sean Shearer

“Balsa Book i”

“Balsa Book ii”

“Balsa Book iii”

“Balsa Book iv”

“Wave Book i”

“Wave Book ii”

“Wave Book iii”