Issue Eighteen, October 2016













Janis Butler Holm
Donald Trump’s Hair

Brianna Noll
A Young Ruler in Wartime
Someone Breathing is a Sign of Order in the World

Martha Zweig
Cove, Swells
Mise en Scène

Bridget Lowe
Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
Labor Day

Aubrey Jane Ryan
All the Words for Salvation

Albert Haley
The Dust Settles

Alexandra Haines-Stiles
The Capitol of Dyslexia

Ellen Welcker
When my son says I’m a girl and a boy

Kat Meads
Ida Saxton McKinley
Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge

Marie-Célie Agnant (tr. by Corine Tachtiris)
For you and you and you and you as well

Jason David Peterson
Channel Surfing

Amy Jo Trier-Walker
Fainting into the Rip Current is One Possible Option

Sandra Kolankiewicz
Little Webbed Feet, Now Stored


Geoff Bouvier
Toward A More Rigorous Text

Visual Art

Melanie Ross
After the Studio, New York, NY
Messing Around, Fairfield, VT
Naked With Red Wagon, Brattleboro, VT
Entwined, Brooklyn, NY
Scraped Up, Brooklyn, NY