Issue 25, March 2019

Be Still




Francisco Larios:  “Homeland Security” and “Extreme Perspective

John Emil Vincent:  “I am making all things new

Nathan McClain:  “Bear” and “Excerpts from the Compendium of the Fig Wasp and the Fig

Greg Santos:  “Cambodian” and “Please Fill in the Blanks

Steven Reese:  “Curse (Babel)” and “Memo

J.I. Kleinberg:  “Befitting This Day” and “Ruins of Earth

Jessica Harkins:  “The Missing

Howie Good:  “Peace in Our Time

Iyana Sky:  “Like Crystal

Zoe Canner:  “just in case i die in the next shooting

Cal Freeman:  “Laramie” and “apologetics

Akhim Yuseff Cabey:  “The Weeper of Pataskala, Ohio (Or Elsewhere)

Ephraim Scott Sommers:  “We Do Nothing After A Mass Shooting In Kalamazoo

David Mura:  “The News

Larissa Shmailo: “Terms of Allegiance

Simon Perchik:  Five Poems

C. Pope:  “Homily on the Obsolescence of the American One Cent Piece

George Franklin:  “New Year’s Day

Dan Albergotti: “The Voters


Visual Art:


Karyna McGlynn:

Men Messed Up My Life

State of the Union

Be Still

Night Flight Queen

Queen Midas

Oracle Queen

I Loved Him!  I Killed Him!