Issue 26, September 2019

Pussy Riot by Denis Bochkarev. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Pussy Riot by Denis Bochkarev. This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


FROM PUSHKIN TO PUSSY RIOT: Russian Political Poetry and Prose
Guest edited by Larissa Shmailo and Philip Nikolayev



Olga Chugai (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Moscow on a Sunday”
“The Mid-Century”

Dennis Novikov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Don Juan”
“Sentimental Song”

Alexei Tsvetkov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“unlike the others”
“the lost place”

Gennady Kanevsky (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“the winds of politics”

Sergey Kruglov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Back in the USSR”
“A Summer Afternoon”

Oleg Dozmorov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“To A Tyrant”
“Russian Speech”

Igor Bozhko (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“two ivans”

Dmitry Kuzmin
“fisheye sonnet” (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“It is easy to hate…” (tr. by by Michael Wachtel, Charles Bernstein, Leonid Schwab,
Katherine O’Connor, and James McGavran)
“They want to do good…” (tr. by Catherine Ciepiela, Charles Bernstein, Matvei Yankelevich,
Katherine O’Connor, and Pavel Khazanov)

Tatyana Shcherbina (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Survival Skills”
“On The Murder of Boris Nemstov”
“Judicial Proceedings”

Anna Halberstadt
“In the Aftermath of Boris Nemstov’s Murder”
“Comrade Stalin”

Katia Kapovich (tr. by Katia Kapovich)
“The Monument”

Maria Alyokhina (tr. by Anna Halberstadt)
“We trembled…”
“Investigation — fear…”

Maria Galina (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“An Awful Climate”
“Until the End of the World”

Arkady Shtypel (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
Three Sonnets for Three Eras

Vitaly Pukhanov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“A Polite War”
“A Prediction”

Igor Satanovsky
“Howl 2: The Next Generation”

Anatoly Kudryavitsky
“The Wind of History”
“Blood Moon, Donetsk”

Irina Mashinski
“To Atlantis”
“May 29th”

Alexei Alexandrov (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Styles of the Season”

Anna Akhmatova (tr. by Olga Livshin)
“What makes this century worse than any before it?…”

Olga Livshin
Newscast Akhmatova

Polina Barskova (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“Akhmatova in Victory Park”

Yuly Gugolev (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)

Dean Kostos
“Daughter of Heaven & Earth”

Lev Rubinstein (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)

Michael T. Young
“Mock Execution”

Inna Kabysh (tr. by Katherine E. Young)
“O Moscow, Tatar sack of gold…”
“Sevastopol Stories”

Alexander Pushkin (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“To Chaadaev”


Alexandr Skidan (tr. by Alexandr Skidan with Larissa Shmailo)
“Theses Toward the Politicization of Art”

Alexandar Mihailovic
“A Belief in Jest: The ‘Old, Weird’ Russia of Olga Florensky and the Mitki”

Olga Florensky (tr. by Alexandar Mihailovic)
“A Story Told by an Eyewitness, about the Miracle of Miracles—a Mechanical Artificial Leg of Major Gavril Propoitsyn (of the Life Guards of the Cuirass Detachment), who Lost his Natural Leg in the Battle of Ochakov”

Alexander Veytsman
“A Peculiar Incident at Harvard University”

Lev Rubinstein (tr. by Philip Nikolayev)
“A long time ago . . . “