Matter accepts submissions year round. Check out our “About” page to find our full mission statement. If you agree that poets have a duty to engage with political and social injustices through verse, and you’ve got some poems or essays that fit this description, send to our email address at mattermonthly (a) gmail dot com. Please put the word “Submission” in your subject line.

We do not accepted previously published material, but we do accept simultaneous submissions. Send us an email right away if a poem gets taken somewhere else. We do not accept multiple submissions – please wait until you hear about a current submission before sending again. Response time should be between four and six months.

Send up to five poems or one essay at a time, all attached to one email. The subject line should say “Submission – Your Name”. Poems should be in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf formats, and can be in one file or individually attached files. Cover letter should be in the body of the email including the titles of poems and a brief (<60 words) biographical statement.

For all manner of inquiries, please contact us at mattermonthly (a) gmail dot com


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