Issue Three, July 2013

Table of Contents

Visual Art:

“I, abundance — saying we” – Jill Magi


“from Radiant Action”
“from Radiant Action”
“Notes on Radiant Action” – Matt Hart

“Ezra Pound Speaking” – Collier Nogues

“An Egregious Act”
“Beyond Repair” – Adam Clay

“Everything is a Win”
“We Will Never Go to North Dakota” – Stephen Danos

“Crankbucket Throat”  – Tyler Gobble

“Tromp L’oeil, Jasper-Style”
“Transfer Station” – Lana Rakhman

“Direct Address”
“Audition” – Natalie Shapero

“How to Adopt”
“My Apron is my Frame” – Sandra Simonds

“Record 25-30”
“Record 31-39”
“Record 32-41” – Brian Spears

“Total Information Awareness” – Tony Trigilio

“A Song Called Stitch” – Joshua Marie Wilkinson

“Domestic Violence” – Matthew Lippman

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