Issue Eleven, 2015

1_ascent square






Introduction to the Poetics of Intervention

Fady Joudah and Todd Fredson

At The Algorithmic Rabbit Hole: An Interview with Fady Joudah

Rachel Daley

Precipitous Manfriend
Supra-National Country Club

Barbara Jane Reyes
Craig Santos Perez
Danielle Pafunda and Reagan Louise
Lisa Olstein
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Josh May


Kim Hyesoon, tr. Don Mee Choi

I want to go to the island

Don Mee Choi


Daniel Borzutzky
Khadijah Queen
Bhanu Kapil

Mutation and Deletions: Ban

J Michael Martinez
Andy Stallings
Joyelle McSweeney

Every Poem an Escrache

Román Luján, tr. John Pluecker

They Call Me Violence

Sarah Vap

“We Have Left Our Broken Home in Ecstasy”— (Harryman/Hejinian)

Susan Briante

An excerpt from “Ticker” from The Market Wonders

Kirsten Nash
Homa Shojaie

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