To Give It to God

How can my dad get his Filipina wife deported? My
dad is 60 years old, disabled missing half a leg, and in
very horrible condition to take care of himself.
He found a woman online from the Philippines who
was 19 years old at the time (Now currently 21)…..
And he flew many times to see her, and eventually she
came on a fiancée visa. My dad owns lots of properties.
He owns about 15 houses, and his income is from the
rent. He had these properties BEFORE the
marriage. From the start it was obvious she was a
gold digger, but when she first came she was nice to
everyone. Eventually she started ignoring everyone but
my father, and convinced him to kick out my brother,
and begun to separate our family. They’ve been
married for 9 months, and just recently she’s been
acting horrible right after he gave HER SISTER
$56,000 to buy a house in the Philippines. And now
she’s been non-stop yelling. And he ended up refusing
to give her money, and now she won’t speak to him at
all. They want to get a divorced, and she’s hiring a
lawyer because she wants all of his rental properties,
and my father was too stupid to get a prenup. Can we
get her deported? Is this marriage fraud? She’s taking
advantage of a sick, disabled man for his money, and
the whole marriage was just a fake. How do we do
this? We called homeland security but no one will help
us. I don’t want my dad to lose all of his houses, and
he has no other way to support himself. Also she’s
lying and saying that he abused her, and is going to
use it in court. He was trying to wake her up because
he THOUGHT she passed out (she was probably
faking), and she got a SPECK of blood in her ear
because he poked her with a box because he couldn’t
reach her and then she called the police on him. And
now I’m afraid that they’ll give her the properties in
court because she’s such an amazing, manipulating
liar. Please help.
Mahinhin (27) F Single Ontario, Canada Seeking:
Male 25 – 37 For: Long Term Relationship
Education: Bachelor’s Degree Have children: No
Drink: Don’t drink Smoke: Don’t smoke Religion:
Christian Catholic Occupation: Nanny Child care Hi
there! I’m 25 years old, single and currently living
here in Ottawa, Ontario. I am working here as
caregiver. I love my work and i know this will be a
good start in building my new life here in Canada. I
can say to myself that I’m an independent self-
sufficient and flexible woman, I was away from my
family for 3 years because of my work. I am family
oriented and i love spending time with my family
when I’m home. I know that isn’t for everyone but
this is something that won’t change, my family is very
important to me. I never rush finding someone ‘coz
i believe building a great relationship doesn’t take just a
turn of a wand but it really takes time. Knowing each
other is very important. I’m just hoping i can find
what i am longing and waiting. I never ask that much,
i just need someone who is real. Sincerity, honesty,
acceptance are more important. I know it takes time
to build relationships and it all started with
friendship. I believe online site is the best way to
know someone because of my work, i am not expose
with people and one reason is i’m just new in this
place. Relocate: Willing to relocate to another country
Any Appearance Any Height: 5’0″ (152 cm) 5’2″ (157
cm) Weight: 45 kg (99 lb) Any Body Any Asian,
Caucasian (White), Hispanic Latino, Mixed Facial
hair: N/A Any Best feature: Any Body art: No
Answer Any Appearance Any Lifestyle Any Home
type House Any Living situation: Any Languages
spoken: No Answer Any English ability: Good
Fluent, Very Good, Good Religion: Catholic
Christian Religious values: No Answer Any Star sign:
Libra Any Personal Bust: No Answer


Barbara Jane Reyes is the author of Diwata (BOA Editions, Ltd., 2010), winner of the Global Filipino Literary Award for Poetry. She was born in Manila, Philippines, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is the author of two previous collections of poetry, Gravities of Center (Arkipelago Books, 2003) and Poeta en San Francisco (Tinfish Press, 2005), which received the James Laughlin Award of the Academy of American Poets. Her fourth collection, To Love as Aswang, is forthcoming from Philippine Writers and Artists, Inc., in 2015. She is also the author of the chapbooks Easter Sunday (Ypolita Press, 2008) Cherry (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2008), and For the City that Nearly Broke Me (Aztlan Libre Press, 2012). She teaches in the Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program at University of San Francisco, and lives in Oakland. Find her online at

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