Issue Eight, July 2014


Dan Albergotti –  “Laocoön”

Layla Benitez-James – “Bear With Me,” and “Privilege”

Ian Seed –  “Unnamed”

Hala Alyan – “Winter Altar” and “A Dream in Seville”

Lisa Ampleman – “from Courtly Love (for Courtney Love)”

Michael Eddie Anderson – “Cessation”

Tova Benjamin – “Epilation or Gradual Decline,” and “Parenthetical Killers”

Lauren Camp – “I am Practicing Now,” and “Please Do Not Send Peace, Please Send Peace”

Paula Cisewski – “The First Person”

Matthew Reed Corey – “Biopoiesis: Earth Before Life,” “His is the Encyclopedia Given to You Without a Word,” and “Written in Glass are Four Solutions to the Problem of Nothing.”

Joshua Daniel Edwin – “Book Control”

Josette Akresh-Gonzales – “Retirement”

David Dodd Lee – “Reversal” and “Andy Warhol”

Robert Lietz –  “Stunt Casting”

Joel Preston Smith, “The Redactions (1), (2), (3),” Notes

Alison Reed – “City of Crosses,” “Corvus,” and “Heidegger, 1966”

Mary Austin Speaker – “Necropastoral for the Mississipi River,” “Necropastoral for the Carribbean Ocean,” and‎ “Daughters of the American Revolution”


Visual Art:

Christy Lee Rogers, from OF SMOKE AND GOLD:

Riders of the Dawn

Images of a Villian Hero

The Touch of Your Skin is Broken

Since the Silence

Unknown Soldiers

The Sunshine Walks Beside Her

Fountain of Life

In a Dream I Could Believe



from “In Your Absence” – Danielle Pafunda

“At the Flamboyant” – Russell Bennetts and Rauan Klassnik

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