My Apron Is My Frame

My apron is my anchor My apron is my frame My apron is my Balzac My apron is a brainiac My anchor is my apron My apron is my France My anchor is a dish of Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple rings wedges chunks etc. My apron is my anchor My anchor is my frame I’m going to Canada I am Canadian I am going to Canada Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple ring wedges chunks etc.Clarinets Flutes Transitional Housing Settlements You bet Not an abstract nation never Not abstraction never Not a symposium no Not a harp no Not harmonious no Not harmonium never Not a jar of foam Not many Not too many Not a lot Not retired Not broke Not yet Not a bank Not the banker Not booming Not planned Not crisp Not limp Not crispy Not limper Not my apron Not a farmer Not my iron Not negligible Not sugar no Not a staple no Not timed no Not anymore no Not a symposium on no Not a harper He was not a harper Not the planet She was not in space Not the sphere not the shepherd not the rings of Saturn nor Jupiter no Not a janitor not a staple Not sugar Not flour Let them eat cups Let them eat the likelihood Let them eat the likelihood of being brave Let them eat the likelihood of cups Let the dance party?  Let the penguins? Let the pheromones? Let them perhaps? Let them lapse into comma splices Let them arrange Let them derange Let them cling Let them read complicated matters Let them amass Let them crisscross Let them carrots  Let them neutron or multiply Let them cancerous Let them no Let them nice. Let them unit Let them until Til my mommy comes home Time to Til my daddy comes home Time to Til my anchor is dropped Time to Til my arrangements are made  A funeral A France  A funeral A France A farce? Let them amass Let them matter Let them until Time to trade Time to plant lettuce Time to plant grapes Time time to revolved Time to plant parts Until the matter is over Until the matter is settled Until the settlements are formed Until they dismantle Until the chimney is swept up Until the houses are floating Until the floating is dry Until the dry is wet Until the wet is united Until the arrangements are saved A pinapple a pinapple a pear A pear and a grave A tree and a robber A robber and a snake A snake and a bite A bite and an apple An apple and an Eden An eden and a bible  A bible and a France A France and a Paris A Paris and a slipper A slipper and a saying A crystal in a cake An ant in a cake A roach in a cake A cake and a noble That is not nice A noble and a saying You are not nice A saying and a crime Don’t you say that A crime and amassing Don’t say so Amassing in time and space You will never A separate sphere like a planet A ring like a saying A ring on a planet A grave in the ocean You say you are a dime But you are not a dime! You say you are timed But you are not timed! You say you are standing on the sidewalk. Well, that is true.


Sandra Simonds is the author of two collections of poetry, most recently Mother Was A Tragic Girl (Cleveland State University Press, 2012).


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