Uterus Revolt

“[Women] already make all the people […] You make all the humans. That’s a big fucking deal.”
Joe Rogan, Strange Times Netflix Special

Year one would be mostly medical:
midwives, doctors, hospitals, NICUs.

The diaper industry would take a hit.
All uteruses in quiet agreement.

The second fallout: downsizing daycare.
The silent shockwave of kindergarten.

1.5 million kindergarten teachers in the US
set up to enjoy a solid extended vacation.

Let’s set the record straight:
there is no miracle rib.

Babies grow in utero
and burst out of vaginas.

What happens when the government can no longer
procure babies from female bodies?

An IRB would frown upon growing
Homo sapiens in petri dishes.

Historically, power belongs to the oppressor.
Religion: a primer in female suppression.

Maybe, like Mary, we should all aspire
to parthenogenesis. Virgin birth.

No earthly penis is worthy of uterine holiness.
The sacrosanct womb holds no place for patriarchy.


Angel James is an easily distracted creative person from a sleepy, rural river town in Central Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English and a graduate certificate in Institutional Research and Assessment. Angel’s first book of poetry, Becoming Friends With Chaos, a collection of works inspired by the life and music of Bob Dylan, was released in 2022. You can learn more about her at angeljamescreates.com

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