My Walter Benjamin

Vast separation from the beloved.
Tagging temptations like a rogue librarian.
The crowd rushes from the opera house unmoved.
What he had for Lucy was unwritten.
Shame, confusion under the rainy tin sky.
Death as an accident: a handheld mistake.
“Women are never satisfied.”
The carnivality of belonging to an epoch.
What’s the word for an undiscovered word?
Honey-rubbed maple years bored by necessity.
Newsprint flaps through the platz like a hurt bird.
It’s rude to stare too long at a Century.
Tivoli Gardens, Buckingham Palace.
Here: a map of a spiral. It’s worse than Venice.



Lucy Biederman is the author of two chapbooks, The Hardest Part Is Done (Grey Book Press, forthcoming 2013) and The Other World (Dancing Girl Press, 2012). She is a PhD candidate in English Literature/Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana. Her poems are forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, BOMB, The Literary Review, Bone Bouquet, The Tusculum Review, and other journals.


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