derivative tremens

to the Duke and Dauphin


arms akimbo legs

awry the supply slide curve as funding

fathers’ delirium roils at the scorn-

cold wrath o’ green Theo

ry spin

green globular

green spend the globe

as junk bondage go round

the end

run as made

off mozil go

ponzo as croak bores in dust

and hailley go burst un-

chained as seven cysters stuff

tempest in teapot dumps do

trust to morgue gold

man sacks globe

gecko stuffs gourd seis-

matmatically lords of obfus-

cation equi-

vocate on the

make puts calls skid askew

like neutrinos im-

ploding under atlast stand

grand shirked

banks too big to go

big bang so trust we

go bank the bigger

no bust, or bank on

in perpet

uity war



commoditize passion

commodify compassion

any way you

dice it serve it up


checks balances cash-

iered with

prejudice in

extremis how

greed be god


oh laissez-faire

caveat emptor



disdaining rein of

regulation research

on rationale of

rationing at the rou

lette pub-

lic wheel

consign to the con-

faith heal of the numerati

and prestidigitizers, whose loose


wheel deals careen

gambolists to

the cutting

edge, bid us no

lip, but recall the

best and blightest are

hardly ye of scant


tory faith to

tweak a broad gush of

base minion caste

and, par course, helot pawn

warrior front,

abject sanctimoney hip-

pockcrassy halo masking most

time-honoredly pat pettily

venal of motifs,

in pickling of patrician

prerogative excluding,

histry be tolled,

noblesse oblige in

laissez-fuch caput-

alism caveat emptor,



molasses trickle-down theory rag

radiant dust can’t

treacle down earth magna-sway


another paper crisis

a crisis of statistical

perceptions, like body

counts and other Warsh

ingtonian sleights of



the only trick-

le-down into

trough swill from Imperial

Eighties then breach mill-

enium be


ye busteds


off the record?

it’s leveraged

we’re maxed

the check’s in the mail

tween you and

me don’t

cash it til


next a

flack fax o’ facs

when the tire hits

the road, when

the facs don’t fit

the specs,

bend ’em round

the last laugh curve


laissez-faire buyer be


caveat empt-





Michael Zucaro writes and photographs on his travels and in New York City, where he teaches essay writing and literature at the City University of New York.  His poems have been published in Paper Pudding; Sonoma County Stump; Back Roads; American Poetry Association’s The American Poetry Anthology, Words of Praise, Best New Poets of 1987, and Editor’s Choice; National Poetry Magazine of the Lower East Side; The National Library of Poets Across the Universe (Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-067-8); Noble House, London Theatre of the Mind; Two Words For; and Pennsylvania Literary Journal.

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