the use of

when whoever does what they are doing
is nothing but a holder for the indictment, dig

radical islam ce mal
no need to hide that from he
we or any other shows
like bogus the disruptor man
or transpire beest
or walking talking
[not hysterectomy but . . .] sets therein
to be not continued

yeah, cause I
don’t ask who is talking over me
as script, a script
natur-la pause – nothing we can escape: the banality of it

“O, O, but we can because
the instant each preferable you beg coffee now you know
like a radar” or something, the readable
ganging up, a harrowing torture, these two

the possibilities are endless, banality,
there, that is enough for disruptor man to feed on
curried squash is his metier, right. vindictive
popping in for


Josh May

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