Ars Poetica


if I write a poem

will you believe you’re alive


I write two poems today

one about your disappearance


and another about their protests

I write them together


in protest. I write them together side by side

trying to remember if I collected


all of my hairs the last time

the time before


and the time before that

have my loose ends swayed


I ask my second poem about

their time on the streets


I ask my second poem don’t regret it

regret nothing. we don’t regret


they will not hire you but we don’t regret it

and remember how you did agree


on two treats. one sugar,

one whole


how you made me feel I could

get into my car and wave


goodbye detached from



and who am I kidding

the second poem


and every protest is—you

the dishes, yesterday’s clippings, every photograph


“죽음의 시간은 여기까지이길”


Let this be the end


vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfor the time of death—





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