Internet Daul Dreams


Saving for her chrome hearts rolex

Uncountable by definition, Uncounted applicant!

Bruised in the right places complex


Search her narrow paris duplex

Their caricature, fable, our mythly immortal immigrant

Saving for a chrome hearts rolex


Not once 20 yet fully annexed

Internet farewells from the formless clairvoyant

Bruised through the disposal complex


Packaging lust to suppress her sex

“So I can buy” I am working so I can buy: Defendant

Saving for this feyed chrome hearts rolex


Pillage vastly through the artist index

Self possessed, vampire’s prey. Same faced aberrants

Bruised inside our bones complex


Break time to join us beneath the vortex

To long for destroyed, tranced combatants—

Saving for my chrome hearts rolex

Beholden to one unforgiving complex




Eunsong Kim is a writer and educator residing in southern California. Her essays on literature, digital cultures, and art criticism have appeared and are forthcoming in: Scapegoat, Lateral, The New Inquiry, Model View Culture, AAWW’s The Margins, and in the book anthologies, Global Poetics, Critical Archival Studies, and Reading Modernism with Machines. Her poetry has been published in: Denver Quarterly, Seattle Review, Feral Feminisms, Minnesota Review, Iowa Review, and Action Yes. Her first book will be published by Noemi press in 2017.







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