epilogue no. 8

and whats this we’re left with?
xxxxxxgreasy memory with membrane
corrupted          elastic lost

and foundering?    what’s that?
anatomy of shadow                or perhaps
xxxxxxa blackboard over-writ

in afterbirth (complete w/gene map) cast
xxxxxxaside; a 13 gallon cinch-sack cinched.
the hat: a mere receptacle, w/emblem obsolete.

xxxxxxthen comes the day we learn
the blue bag thing was all a scam
xxxxxx(were you surprised?)    the sham

recyclers split
xxxxxx(along with endings 1 – 7)
soon as Karma turned its back.

what’s left, indeed?     (after
caution is tossed) a muddy palette or
xxxxxxa well that’s never done with gushing

pocketful of pigment hued and crying.
xxxxxxin hindsight, the umbilical was cut
too quick (for horse & barn & open door).

xxxxxxno angels evidentxxxxjust
creatures breached and straggling with
xxxxx wings awash in rainbow slick.



Nina Corwin is the author of two books of poetry, The Uncertainty of Maps and Conversations With Friendly Demons and Tainted Saints. A chapbook, OutPatient Suite is forthcoming in 2016. Her poetry has appeared in From the Fishouse,Drunken Boat, Harvard Review, Hotel Amerika, New Ohio Review/nor and Verse. Corwin, a Pushcart nominee, also curates the literary series at Chicago’s Woman Made Gallery. In daytime hours, she is a psychotherapist known for her work on behalf of victims of violence.




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