Whatever It Is Julia Child

Whatever it is Julia Child said about the plate

and the shoulder and shrinking the strike zone

put us in a lot of Queen Anne’s lace

and hub caps. Summer ended with a splinter

in the calendar that dreamed equinox,

time in bisected sheets clipped to the clothesline

and other mid-century and late-century foregrounds:

a bowl of soaking beets bruising the water,

a child reaching into a chest and extracting the head

of a doll. In the field we found the dream

of the small Italian car: to be smaller

and more Italian, to drag cans around

the cul de sac. I bought a gun. I bought

a gun but it was a toy and it came with instructions.




Dan Kaplan is the author of Bill’s Formal Complaint (The National Poetry Review Press) and the bilingual chapbook SKIN (Red Hydra Press). His work appears in VOLT, American Letters & Commentary, Denver Quarterly, Ninth Letter, Washington Square, and elsewhere. He is managing editor and poetry co-editor of Burnside Review and Burnside Review Press.

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