& when you look at the signpost of antiquities

on  the way to  renaissance, you shall see the

scars of pharaoh’s whips on the sinews of our past.

you shall see tales of legends, the sweet oratories

of incarnates in mixtures of hogwash & swill.

you shall see a geoidal world filled with vagueness

swooshing to gravitational songs of self discovery




Ajise Vincent is an economist and social researcher based in Lagos, Nigeria. His works have appeared at The Bond Street Review, Indiana Voice Journal, Jawline Review, Jalada, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Chiron Review, Asian Signature, Ann Arbor Review, Yellow Chair Review, Bombay Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, Snapdragon: a journal of art & healing, The Cadaverine, Souvenir literary journal, Elsewhere, Saraba, Sentinel Quarterly & various literary outlets. He is a recipient of the Eriata Oribhabor poetry prize 2015. He loves coffee, blondes & turtles.

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