Breaking News

It’s hard to keep up with each new disaster.

They just keep coming, faster and faster. What’s the last error?

Take your pick.

A phone call here, a phone call there, the tick tock tick

Of hourly disgraces. Hanging up

On the Australian PM, threatening the Mexican Pres.

With sending in U.S. troops to round up

All the “bad hombres.”

Jesus, hit pause. There’s no time to get nostalgic

For last week’s gaffe: using the CIA’s wall of heroes

As a backdrop for a narcissistic

CV: number of Time covers, despite the media ho’s.

Never mind the farcical rollout

Of the ban that’s not a ban, the national fallout

From nominees whose nominal expertise is close to nil.

Timeout for a photo-op. See the sparkly Harley cycle

On the White House lawn?

See the president’s tie, so red and long,

As he strides down the East Room’s carpet

To announce his latest get?

It’s hard to come up with enough quick rhymes

For the worst of times.

What’s to be done? Another rally? An online petition?

Post more angry poems? Acts of sedition?

This just in: the Sixties you missed

Are back, from UC Berkeley to DC, and they’re wicked pissed.


Gary Duehr has taught poetry and writing for institutions including Boston University, Lesley University, and Tufts University. His MFA is from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. In 2001 he received an NEA Poetry Fellowship, and he has also received grants and fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the LEF Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Journals in which his poems have appeared include Agni, American Literary Review, Chiron Review, Cottonwood, Hawaii Review, Hotel Amerika, Iowa Review, North American Review, and Southern Poetry Review. His books of poetry include In Passing (Grisaille Press, 2011), THE BIG BOOK OF WHY (Cobble Hill Books, 2008), Winter Light (Four Way Books, 1999) and Where Everyone Is Going To (St. Andrews College Press, 1999).




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