So What

Tonite the Royals
************************************************play the Indians
****************************************and if
********************************************************they can sweep

************************************************them they’ll
************************************************************************be a

************************************************games back

****************************************************************in the AL Central

A cold front moves itself across Milwaukee lingering
like a bad thought

*************************************************************************One of the cats
****************************************************************took a shit
********************************************************on the mop
************************************************I was out
****************************************at the resale shop
********************************looking for clothes I
************************could rebuy

****************The shit ruined the mop

I hope the Indians lose
************************tonite we already lost
************************************************what’s another series



Franklin K.R. Cline is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, a PhD candidate in English–Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a member of Woodland Pattern Book Center’s Board of Directors, and the book reviews and interviews editor of cream city review. His first book, So What, in which you’ll find the poem above, is available via Vegetarian Alcoholic Press.

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