Homeland Security



Not even la migra knows

how often I’ve been deported,


how much I miss


the other side


of all the walls

that shut me out.


Nor can la migra imagine

this sanctuary,


without a roof,

filled with stars,

where I walk at night


This night


In the company of others like me

without a roof,

sheltered by stars.





Francisco Larios, writer and translator, has published three full poetry collections in Spanish: Cada Sol Repetido, (“Every returning sun”), Anamá Press, Managua, Nicaragua, November, 2010, La Isla de Whitman, (“Whitman’s Island”), Buenos Aires Poetry, Argentina, 2015, Sobre la vida breve de cualquier paraíso (“About the fleeting life of any paradise”), 400 Elefantes, Nicaragua, 2017.  A bilingual collection: The Net in Sight/La red ante los ojos, Rascacielos, Quito, Ecuador, 2015. A bilingual plaquette: Astronomía de un sueño/Astronomy of a Dream, Carmina in minima, Barcelona, 2013.  His translations have been published in Modern Poetry in Translation and other literary journals.  Selected and translated into Spanish Los hijos de Whitman – Poesía norteamericana en el siglo XXI (“Whitman’s Children—U.S. Poetry in the XXIst Century), Valparaíso, México, 2017, a sample of 109 contemporary poets.  Writes political essays and opinions in news media and on his own blog [“Ciudadano X”].  His poetry has appeared in numerous digital and print magazines around the world, and has been translated into Italian, Greek, Romanian, Estonian, and Arabic.

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