Like Crystal

Here amongst glittery crushed cans
and painted cigarette butts
someone mentions Stephen Miller.
In the single New York Times article
this black girl browsed, he reminded her
of a high school crush, the balding
pale punk Guatemalan who said
she had nice feet after gifting him
a Howard Miller for his collection.

Her liberal friends smile as she prattles
admiration, calling his truculent
janitor critique a teenage quip,
his Machiavellian stance on immigration
conservative charm, concluding
the Duke three lucky someone
so reasonable came to their defense.
She knew girls like Crystal:
They deserved the pestilence of jail.




The poet Iyana Sky received her BA in English from the University of North Texas. Currently, she lives in Columbus, OH. Her work appears and is forthcoming in joINT, Duende, Superstition Review, and Glint Literary Journal.



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