Create Me My Word

Create for me

My word

You ask

That describes

Only me

of this beauty you

Say is only me


Is you

In so many ways

Three words

Of special beauty

Become one

For only you

Radiantuneous you are

Like no other

As you take the

Lighting of many

Stellar true


And fuse them into

One new bolt of beauty

Breathtorgeous in every


Pumping smiles and


Through the gray clouds

And touching the sunrise

Waiting to warm

Crescengasm so


The rise and rapture

As you power


That pushes me

To the point

Words only for you

For no one is

You or has

What you do

Seer them with your mind

Sear them in

your heart and soul

And sing

Them in our


And one that needs no change

You smile to me

In our language of two


Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents’ Association awards for work as a war correspondent. His poetry appears in more than 30 publications, in the book “Put Into Words My Love,”  in the film “Fate’s Shadow: The Whole Story” and in Color: Story 2020. He has taught writing, journalism, media studies, political systems and realities, foreign policy, and practical street knowledge at Washington & Jefferson College and American University, and writes most of his poetry while parallel parking or walking his dogs, Topsie and Batman.


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