Loops are integral to transformation,

recurring dreams and fragmented accidents,

symbiotically woven through actions, movements.

Rest and reset

Break and build

Spur and stop.

Testing oscillation to find certainty,

diving into the conoid without resistance.

I don’t mind the flicker,

I get excited when I see the visual apex.

Whatever comes next I want it!

Even if the fall is far,

foundations are laid to guide, not cement,

unbound by historical evidence.

If dust is gathered in stillness,

imagine the volatility in momentum.

Spontaneously localized

expeditiously multiplied

cohesively revitalized.

Latitude and longitude are accomplices

to the suggestion of linear pathways,

redefined in measure’s reticulation.


A multidisciplinary studio artist, writer, and art historian based in Montreal, Canada, Lisa Verschoor’s poetry chronicles personal adjustment through transformative moments. A recipient of the 2017 Jesse Allan Forsyth Award of Excellence, the 2017 Victoria Visual Arts Legacy award, and the 2018 British Columbia Arts Council Visual Arts Senior Scholarship, Verschoor applies narratives of love, loss, and agency to incite reader participation through methodologies of questioning and observation. The featured artist in Matter’s 28th issue, Verschoor defines her poetry as a form of visual representation, offering an intermediary space between the written word and visual practice using vivid language that concentrates on sensory experiences such as proprioception and related body phenomena, as a means of destigmatizing the reader’s and viewer’s emotional response to art, often adversely correlated with the feminine identity.   


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