Discomfort Is The Shadow Of Revolution

says the slice of bread
to the droplet of rain that has fallen
on its face.

“When you touch me,” replies the raindrop,
“it is as a man touches money.”

Says the dollar, “I feel myself a piece
of a very long thread.”

Says the weather, “You are an insect
who cannot die.”

“There was a time,” says the book,
“a man expected the same coin back
he had put in the bank.”

“There was a time,” says the raindrop,
“I knew myself to be part of the weather.”

“But you are,” says the book.
“But you are not,” says the dollar.
“But you are,” says the bread, “and now you are not.”


Martin Rock is the author of Residuum (2015 Editor’s Choice Award, Cleveland State University Poetry Center) and Dear Mark (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2013). With Kevin Prufer and Martha Collins, he co-edited an Unsung Masters volume on the work of the poet Catherine Breese Davis. Recent work appears in Best American Experimental Writing 2018, Waxwing, LIT, Colorado Review, AGNI, Black Warrior Review, Washington Square Review, and elsewhere. A fellowship recipient from the Starworks Foundation, the Port Townsend Writers Conference, and InPrint Houston, and winner of the Donald Barthelme prize in poetry, Martin holds an MFA from New York University and a PhD from the University of Houston. He is a member of the Poetry Society of America’s Bay Area Advisory Board and serves on the board of the Unsung Masters book series.


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