white sales
white sheets
white horses
white heat

white bread
white milk
white meat
white guilt

white cliffs
white sand
white lines
white lambs

white Christmas
white knights
white feathers
white flight

white fences
white trash
white noise

white collar
white ties
White House
white lies

white flags
in sight–
who’ll turn
off white


David Southward teaches in the Honors College at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is the author of two collections: Bachelor’s Buttons (Kelsay Books 2020) and Apocrypha (Wipf & Stock 2018). His awards include the Lorine Niedecker Prize (selected by Tyehimba Jess), the Muse Prize from the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (selected by Mark Doty), and the 2019 Frost Farm Prize for Metrical Poetry. David resides in Milwaukee with his husband, Geoff. Read more at davidsouthward.com.


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