Okavango, Delta


Leaving the baobab tree behind,
we glide through the grasses,
shivering the gilded surface of the swamp
as the setting sun pulls the mokoros home.


Robin Boger’s images from Cuba, Africa and Japan have been shown at the Chandler Gallery in Cambridge, MA, the Orton-Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY, the Amanda Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, South X Southeast Photo Gallery in Molena Georgia and the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA.  She has also shown work at the Soprafina Gallery in Boston, MA, the Iris B. and Gerald Cantor Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, and the Boston Public Library.  On-line presentations include:  “The Virtual Curated Shed: Projections from Pandemic in Focus” on the Social Documentary Network;  “Unexpected Cuba” in CubaSeen, Issue 03, Winter, 2020;  “The 2/22/22 Exhibition:  Pairs and Diptychs” on Lenscratch and “Highlights of NEPR” on “What Will You Remember?”


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