A New Photo for Agee

In abandoned factories gather abandoned people

who no longer do anything with abandon.


Look!  An assembly worker without a thing to build

like a sharecropper without soil to turn.


The massive conveyor system of steady employment

has broken, the machinery of work has ground


to a halt, the rope unravels that leads to hope.

Wealth begets wealth.  Only poverty


gets redistributed among the poor.

See?  A rich person is unlike any other, distinguishable,


but a poor person is like all others, extinguishable.

The large man in the photo crouching


in the dimly lit corner, he could be a street orphan,

or turned another way, a single mom.




Jeff Burt has works in manufacturing.  He has work in Thrice Fiction, Mobius:  A Journal for Social Change, Star 82 Review, Storm Cellar, and Word Soup.  He won the 2011 SuRaa short fiction award.



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