Chaosmosis Engine

“Financial Black Hole and the Vanishing World”


When crisis seems more crisis

than economics                the collapse


of dangers is replaced

in the machine by awakening


hidden nights of rage in English

suburbs. Algorithmic spells


of cognitive labor, intellect

dispossessed of the erotic.


Automatism of the human

swarm . The happy ending


is hypercomplex interfaces

trapped in inescapable


patterns. Invasion of the possible.

Financial obligation is a swarm.


Your rebellion is irrelevant,

is a swarm provoked by debt


of the symbolic family. Privatization

of dependence means more


information means less meaning.

The escape of the word


into financial formats.























A sphere of hyperinclusion.

The magic

of value without muscular

work dissolving products

into motors.

Voice reactivation.


Abandonment of the emotional.

The desiring force reduced

to protocols.

The voice is reemergence

of recombinability.


Sensuousness exploding.

An infinite slippage of sensuousness.

The monstruous singularity

cannot be compassionate,


open to becoming

other. A desert enunciation.

Poison of daily life. The oil


of eviction.  Perturbation in response

to perturbation.               Autonomy:


the ability to escape.













“Future Exhaustion and Happy Frugality”



Chaosmosis is the network,         polysemy of mimickry.



Scriptural machines and their avatars exchange voice



for submission.                                 An umbilical of extrinsic



coordinates at the junction of ambiguity and standardization.



Enunciation is the rhizome.         The disaster of subjectivity.



The subjectivity                of disaster           An acceleration of loneliness.



Extinction is finite.           Desire, infinite.                The sensitive



organism is the threshold.           We cannot think. We cannot



say.        What we cannot say is the world.             The world



resides in language.        Digital finance is a closed reality.



A new barbarism.                            The violence  of finitude.



The ironic act traversing the logic of excess.         The game



to create,            to play,                                to shuffle, a mechanism



to disentangle   age and act                         from the limits of debt.




*Sections titles are extracted from Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s “The Uprising. Lines are reconfigurations and erasures from the same text.




Vincent Toro has an MFA in poetry from Rutgers University. He is winner of the 2015 Sawtooth Poetry Prize and is recipient of a Poet’s House Emerging Poets Fellowship and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. His poems have been published in The Buenos Aires Review, The Acentos Review, Codex, The Journal, and in the anthologies CHORUS: A Literary Mixtape, and The Waiting Room Reader 2. He lives and teaches in The Bronx with his wife, writer and scholar Dr. Grisel Acosta. His collection, “Stereo.Island.Mosaic.” is forthcoming in January 2016 from Ahasahta Press.

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