Church of No Christ

Tonight I can’t remember

the date, November 25,

2017, which I write

at the top of every page.


Nobody who doesn’t worry

about getting paid on time

is worried about the same things

I worry about, and that’s the


subject of my next poem

in which I forget every address

and wander around central New

Jersey, sneezing,


until I meet the ghost

who asked me questions

on the highway

about why am I so interested in ghosts.


“Why do you have a ghost thing”

asks the ghost.

“Why do you think”

I reply, sweeping my arm


to indicate the totality of capitalist social relations

which I have made my subject

over the years, patiently. As for

the landscape, it’s the same deal:


big but not too big,

metaphysical but not too metaphysical,

irradiated but not too irradiated,

impractical but not too impractical.


The poem is a building

I drum up as proof of this.

Immediately I dream I am

transformed into a town house.


David WPritchard is a member of Negative Press, a gay Marxist poetry collective. He is the author of the chapbooks MORE FRESH AIR (with Greg Purcell) and IMPROPRIA PERSONA (with Kay Gabriel). Recent writings can be found in Tripwire, Crap Orgasm, and The Brasilia Review. David is currently working on a dissertation about New Narrative writing and avant-garde poetics. He lives in Amherst.

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