Third Month

Witness to the mast year.

Witness to the drought.


eighteen bluebirds at the peak of the tree

sibilant, more cells sloughed on,

sloughed off, stuffed

into a duffel bag


plants always want to grow: remember


descending spike due to the leaf out, ascending

to the atmosphere, warming up out of the leaf

loss, the annual, cyclical


The future will be warmer.


Each trunk out my window is orange, and the feeders need filling.

We all want to bask like a dozen turtles,

write our wrongs as slips



Paige Menton grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature from Brown University. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in KestrelFourth RiverLVNGSpiral OrbClade Songecopoetics, and other journals. She teaches writing and naturalist studies to homeschoolers near Philadelphia.

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