SUBJECT: How To Expire–Now In Paperback!

You’re expiring.
************************Mix up                         your                             landscape
************************your                             fragmented                 self
************************masks                          styles                           differentiate!

You’re expiring.

The President & I need                         details              on everything              

your tiny beans
your brightest blooms
your birthday gifts
your kissing booth
your coziest shirt
your funky finds          

You’re expiring.

Your power is rotating out
better build a better
bacterial trap—

************************at a party          private day camp          $99 tropical destination—
********************************Last chance: you don’t want to miss out!

You’re expiring.

We need a President
to pumpkin spice the revolution
from Vegas to Orlando

A dialogue between 3 friends

“On the issues with—”                                                “All y’all ready for—”
***************************“You’re a menace to—”           

You’re expiring.
********************************Are you American?
********************************Text Back FIGHT
********************************for a subscription.


Katie Kemple (she/her) is a poet, parent, and public radio consultant in San Diego, CA. You can find her most recent poems on Lunch Ticket (Amuse-Bouche), Anti-Heroin Chic, Stickman Review, and miniskirt magazine.

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