SUBJECT: The Little Something Extra Report

line       enter your self-
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxstage                a          familiar face
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxat every age
wake up & smell the
rose bouquets
today at noon
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGive wings to a dance
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa photograph
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxexpiring art
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAlert!                           For the word
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxof the day:


wear a story                             
I’m putting together.

I’m asking you to become the first ten pages—

to binge                        to write             to want 
pleasure                        daily                 literally 

Your genome
a new discussion:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdon’t miss out on
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwhat matters to you

A new view of a

border                          a stream                                   a crossing

Father, the coffee you left was

a small                                      help—                                      good
guest                                        respect full                               inside                                    

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa                                   dead                                         line


Katie Kemple (she/her) is a poet, parent, and public radio consultant in San Diego, CA. You can find her most recent poems on Lunch Ticket (Amuse-Bouche), Anti-Heroin Chic, Stickman Review, and miniskirt magazine.


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