Studies for Street Slogans

Saito 1
















Saito 2

















Saito 3











Saito 4















Saito 5

















Google's Endgame

Outer text: “Demand artificial intuition.” Inner Text: “Google’s endgame: Auto-completing your thoughts.”


















Lens of Smart Bomb

“The lens of the smart bomb eye.”


















M1 Abrams

Outer text: “Demand a data bill of rights.” Inner text: “The M1 Abrams rolling down the street: it’s your body.”



















Saito 11















Saito Group is an Eyebeam/BuzzFeed fellow. It is a group of writers, artists and hackers in support of a data bill of rights, drone law, emergent cities and cyborg citizens. Keep up with Saito’s latest interventions on Twitter and Instagram @SaitoGroup and



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